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The Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission is a regional governmental organization whose mission is to provide community and economic development and job training services for a nine county area. The agency's full time, professional staff assists the member counties and municipalities in such areas as community planning and zoning, federal and state grant preparation and administration, economic development planning activities, general governmental technical assistance, Workforce Investment Act/Workforce Development, school to work, and PROMISE JOBS administration. In effect, the NWIPDC staff functions as an extension of member governments' staffs, providing the specialized services and technical assistance that would not be financially feasible for each governmental entity to provide on its own.

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FEMA Notice of Funds Avaliability
March 26, 2019 3:41 PM

Dear Colleagues                                                                                                                                


The State of Iowa will receive FEMA disaster funding under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) as part of Presidential disaster declaration DR-4421-IA (March 23, 2018) as a result of severe storms and flooding that occurred in our State this spring.


Project Types


The State is accepting Notice of Interests (NOIs) for those eligible hazard mitigation project types that will reduce or eliminate losses from future natural disasters, including but not limited to:


  • Priority #1 (category A) Property Acquisition/Elevation, electric utility hardening, detention basins, warning sirens. (See attached addendum for additional project types)
  • Priority #2 (category B) Elevate/protect wastewater lift stations, backup generators. (See attached addendum for additional project types)
  • Priority #3 (category C) Tornado Safe Rooms, small flood barriers. (See attached addendum for additional project types)


Eligible Applicant


Potentially eligible applicants include:

  • State agencies and local governments
  • Federally recognized Indian tribal governments, including State-recognized Indian tribes, and authorized tribal organizations
  • Private nonprofit (PNP) organizations or institutions that operate a PNP facility as defined in the 44 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 206.221(e).


The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000) requires a FEMA approved local hazard mitigation plan prior to FEMA awarding HMGP project funds. Funding will be limited to sub-applicants with an approved local hazard mitigation plan at time of award.


Applicants with proposed projects located in a FEMA-identified Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) are eligible for funding only if the jurisdiction in which the project is located is participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). There is no NFIP participation requirement for projects located outside of the SFHA.


Cost Share: 


This is a cost share grant program which means that awarded grants will be funded as follows:


  • Federal (FEMA) share of total eligible costs  – 75% maximum
  • Non Federal share of total eligible costs – 25%
    • State of Iowa – 10% (typical )
    • Local – 15%                                      


Iowa Code 455B.262A [effective 6-30-2011]; State participation in funding financial assistance (10% State cost share) for a flood related disaster requires participation in the NFIP for a city or county with an effective FEMA published flood insurance map that identifies a SFHA. To determine NFIP participation please visit:


Notice of Interest (NOI) & Application Process


Applicants must complete the appropriate (project specific) NOI form located in the EMGrantsPro grants management system. The NOI forms can be found using the following link:


The State hazard mitigation staff will review NOIs using basic eligibility criteria for HMGP projects outlined in 44 CFR 206.434 (c), project type and level of interest in relation to acceptance of a greater local cost share. Invitations to complete a full HMGP project application will be sent to qualifying sub-applicants for both new NOI’s and previously submitted NOI’s where limited funding was available. Invitation letters will identify a State Mitigation Project Officer who will work directly with the applicant. This Project Officer will contact the applicant to discuss the proposed project, the application requirements, and be available to provide technical assistance during the application development process if needed.


For additional information or questions, feel free to contact a lead State Mitigation Project Officer:


Dan Schmitz – Deputy State Hazard Mitigation Officer:                      515-725-9369

Matt Noble - Planning:                                                                          515-725-9404

Jonathan Pogones - Acquisition/Relocation:                                         515-725-9384

Terry Brown – Acquisitions/Relocation                                                515-725-9371

Leon Freeman–Electric Utilities/Safe Room:                                       515-725-9378

Carol Tomb – Infrastructure                                                                  515-725-9305


We ask that the County Emergency Management Coordinators, Councils of Government, and Planning Commissions forward this information to the communities in their service area to achieve the widest distribution possible.